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2023 Symposium
April 27-28 

diverse group of professionals attending a session lead by a speaker


Empathy, Empowerment and Understanding

Abuse against municipal officials — elected and staff members — has risen dramatically over the past handful of years, and to date, everyone has been dealing with these issues on their own, and often on a case-by-case basis. The ‘Bucking the Trend: Tackling Abuse in the Political Realm’ symposium allows us to come together in taking on this problem, with real life case studies that drive action, and tactics to take home and to start using in your day-to-day operations. 


We can’t eliminate all abuse of officials, but we can take steps to mitigate the impact of those instances — both internal and external — and to put together a toolkit of proactive actions that will help prevent these sorts of abuses moving forward. We’ve put together a dynamic group of speakers and presenters who will help drive positive change, specific to local government.


The abuse of elected officials and local government employees has hit a breaking point. These unfortunate events are having negative impacts on all involved, and are damaging to organizational culture. Stakeholders are scared to get involved in municipal politics in a positive manner, for fear of abuse; and the loud, angry minority has driven a mob mentality that is stoking fear and division. Let’s come together and face this problem in a manner that will actually make a difference.

Conference Break Time

“Society benefits when everyone feels safe to do their jobs. This is becoming an increasing challenge for those called to public service whether they are elected officials or members of administration. Collectively, we all must do better to raise the level of civil discourse and find ways to constructively disagree regardless of political views.”


- Mayor Gondek, City of Calgary



We've compiled a dynamic list of speakers who will be able to explore the issues surrounding the abuse of public officials, both internally and externally, while driving toward some tangible solutions and practical actions to be taken in trying to prevent future instances of abuse. Additional speakers to be announced soon!

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